Post Production

Post Production.

A joined up service

Our creative and post-production team are fully integrated, joining up the dots between the ‘idea’ and ‘delivery’, with multiple offline and online suites with 360 finishing and dedicated post-production supervisors to ensure our clients get the most out of their budgets, maximising their assets, and always delivering on time.

Tech smart

Our suites bring the latest technology and creative innovations to the offline and online environment, fostering a post-production environment with limitless creative potential.

Post sequencing

We create to recreate, finding purpose in repurposing, pushing your content further.

Making image-making
feel more magic

We ensure your project isn’t just finished to the best broadcast standard, it’s finished to the Black Lab Standard.

  • Offline
  • Grade
  • VFX
  • GFX
  • Animation
  • Mastering
  • Audio
  • CGI

400+ commercials produced a year.
Mastered in 4k.
Formatted in every flavour.