WRU / Under Armour Series

A Nation rousing campaign seeking emotional response with a ‘catch all’ creative strategy to touch every generation of Welsh fans.


Maximise revenue for UAS 2018, Six Nations 2019 and RWC Warm Up Games.

Celebrate Welsh Rugby and grow participation in the build up to RWC and beyond.

Strengthen brand Equity and engage new audiences with the UK and abroad. To connect with core supporters, as well as winning over the hearts and minds of old and new audiences – a future facing advert with a rousing nostalgia for the history of the Welsh team.


The creative needed to connect with new and old and so a concept bound in the fabric of nation and fan came to the fore. ‘This Is For The Jersey’ worked hard on many levels – touching upon the teams history, the nostalgia of past achievements, the bond between the current players and fans, and the dreams powering the future team.

The ‘jersey’ has been an icon of recognition, and a constant in the Welsh game. We decided to tell the story of what the jersey meant to each player, from each generation, past, present and future.

The Result

There was an uplift in revenue of 30% compared to previous sales, with the campaign reaching 2 million unique users, surpassing all the primary targets.

There was also a 20% increase in tracked engagement within the Japanese fan-base due to our repurposed Japanese language versions.

WRU Under Armour Series