Visit Wales 2020

A TV and Digital Campaign that captured the vast and varied wonders of Wales. Our creative strategy was curated for a multiplatform digital story-telling experience.


The objective of this campaign was to increase brand awareness and consideration of Wales as a complete package holiday, without the negative connotations of a ‘prescriptive package holiday’.

Central to the brief was a multi-platform series of story driven content capturing the ‘Welsh Experience’ that was both TV and Digital friendly – and which could maximise assets creating a powerful campaign designed for a range of touchpoints.

Primary KPI’s: 3 million video views, 3.9 million engagements, 91k unique visits to site. Secondary KPI’s: 2.4 million reach.


The overarching concept for the Year of the Outdoor campaign was based on imagining Wales as the best hotel in the world. Far from being a ‘traditional’ hotel based on a transitional experience we captured Wales in all it’s glory; tongue firmly in cheek. We showed the vast array of rich and rewarding experiences one can enjoy when you ‘Check In’ to Wales.

The Result

An impressive 51% of the videos we served were watched in full, indicating that our targeting had tapped into a highly-engaged audience. And the average click-through rate for the static traffic ads was 104% higher than the lifetime account average.

Against the main KPIs the campaign was a huge success; reaching 5.7 million unique users (+137% on forecast) and surpassing all the primary targets.

Visit Wales

“I love what you are doing for Wales – you’re re-defining the Nation and showing the world just how good it really is – I’m proud to play my part in this”.

Luke Evans, Actor.