Furniture Village

As a full service agency we conceive, produce and post FV’s annual TV Campaigns, Digital & Radio, with over 500 Unique TV Clocks a year.


The objective of this campaign was to create content which worked hard on both TV and could launch the Furniture Village Brand on social media.

Their TV strategy was still very much about framing their ‘store experience’ as a traditional furniture retailer, driving people to visit one of their 54 stores nationwide for that ‘family shopping experience’, but with a twist that could connect with a social savvy next generation of home lovers.

Our challenge was to preserve and strengthen the established brand message and ensure ‘Store Sales’ were the ongoing measure of success, whilst dipping our toe into the social world, increasing followers, engagement and awareness with a new generation of ‘home lovers’.


We challenged Furniture Village to embrace a fashion influenced strategy, relocating from store to studio to achieve a more stylish and art directed approach, whilst using archive material for ‘Store Sales’ focussed messaging.

We knew to reach the online audience we had to cut through the noise with the same stylistic language as a successful fashion brand, engaging, watchable, shareable content that audiences want to be identified with – products that feel like an accessory to your personality. We captured this fashion aesthetic with beautiful product photography, sets designed with seasonal influences and colours, seamlessly emboldened by graphic messages to grab the audiences attention.

Our top and tail ‘store sales’ approach assured the brand weren’t moving away from what they did best, whilst injecting a new tone and feel, and reaching a broader social audience.

The Result

In May 2019 we began our journey to help Furniture Village further strengthen their brand position in a competitive market, ensuring our creative engaged a passive TV audience with strong strategy led CTA’S and high recall conceptual thinking.

Since being at the helm of Furniture Villages social campaign we’ve not only seen an increase to their online sales by 150%, our strategy and creative has been stopping thumbs with a substantial uplift in online engagement and awareness, with a huge 109% increase of unique visitors to the Furniture Village website.

Furniture Village